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New Entrance Flooring, Great First Impressions

Entrance Flooring

New entrance flooring at the Dauphin Humanities Center at Shippensburg University gives visitors a great first impression of the building, while also being able to stand up to high levels of traffic on a daily basis.

Shippensburg University (SU), located in South Central Pennsylvania, is one of 14 schools in the State System for Higher Education of Pennsylvania with over 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The centrally located Dauphin Humanities Center serves as an arts and sciences academic building. Though renovated five years ago, the large carpet mat in its entrance had long lost its charm, having experienced significant wear from the 1,000 students that step foot in the facility daily.

Bob Koch, custodial services manager, sought a flooring solution for the Center’s entrance that would look much nicer than the carpet mat, be able to withstand a high level of traffic and would not exceed the custodial team’s required weight limit.

C/S Floormations Entrance Flooring System in Honeycomb pattern was chosen for the busy entranceway. The enhanced entrance flooring now prefaces the look people can expect for the rest of the building’s interior. “The carpet mat was doing an okay job, but we needed something that looked a lot nicer,” says Mr. Koch. “Floormations is aesthetically much richer than what we were using. The people who come through the building really like the new flooring and they definitely take notice. I’m happy with it.” Pleased with the installation of the new entrance flooring system, the school is considering using Floormations in two other prominent buildings on campus: the Ceddia Union Building (CUB) and John L. Grove Business College.

The C/S Project Management Team provided a custom solution that adhered to the weight restriction. The Shaw carpeting used in Floormations grabs the water and debris tracked in, allowing them to fall through minimal pattern openings and be hidden underneath. The Dauphin Humanities Center’s entrance is now equipped to welcome the many people who will pass through for semesters to come.

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