Security Special Section

Reducing the Risks

School security measures that can help reduce the risks of terrorism while also reducing the risks of other types of school security incidents:

  • School safety web training systems
  • Visitor management software
  • Properly trained and armed school security and/or law enforcement personnel assigned to schools
  • Training in pattern matching and recognition
  • Involvement of law enforcement, fire service, emergency management and public health officials in school crisis planning
  • External school security assessments conducted by a firm with anti-terrorist qualifications
  • Proximity card systems
  • Training in visual weapons screening
  • Security laminate film
  • Drills which require independent judgement of staff
  • Ballistic laminate film for key glass areas
  • Duress button systems
  • Virtual tours of school facilities for use in emergency situations
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Portable radios for key staff
  • Fencing
  • External numbering of doors
  • The use of Knox boxes to provide keys to first responders
  • Thoughtfully implemented school security camera systems

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