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Lighting Solutions Brighten Pavillion

Sportsliter Solutions ArenaLED

Decreasing the need for maintenance and using less energy were just two of the benefits Hubbell Lighting offered Ole Miss through the use of their Sportsliter Solutions’ ArenaLED.

Meet the highest level of NCAA lighting standards — The National Championship finals site. In this standard the NCAA maps out the best practices for lighting quality for player safety, reduced energy, maintenance and life-cycle costs, environmental sensitivity and the horizontal and vertical foot-candle requirements for the TV broadcast.

The architect, AECOM, has a longstanding working relationship with Lighting Associates, Inc. and trusted them to recommend a solution that would meet these challenges. Eighty-four ArenaLED fixtures are used to light up the main floor of The Pavilion at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

The advancements in LED technology made it the clear favorite to light up the facility. Most importantly, it exceeds the guidelines set forth by the NCAA. But is has also reduced the energy needed to light up the floor by half, significantly decreased the need for maintenance and provided facility managers with the ability to enhance the fan experience with contemporary lighting techniques.

“The excitement levels for the fans, faculty and staff were sky high when The Pavilion at Ole Miss opened. The lights themselves are a significant factor in this and the performance thus far has absolutely met our expectations. We look forward to creating some significant memories in this facility,” says Joe Swingle, senior associate A.D. for Facilities and Game Operations at Ole Miss.

Hubbell Lighting’s Sportsliter Solutions’ ArenaLED is an LED lighting solution designed for interior sports and civic arenas to produce optimal television and liveaudience viewing, as well as low-glare lighting for player comfort. The solid-state LED delivers immediate on/off capabilities, as well as 40,000 lumens at 92+ lumens perwatt for a calculated 100,000 hours. With a total system wattage of 415, the fixture’s extruded, finned housing design allows for optimal heat dissipation, and a remote driver enclosure offers increased thermal control and ease of maintenance.

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