Impact on Learning

Clemson University

Project Snapshot

PROJECT: Littlejohn Coliseum Athletic Facilities Renovation
INSTITUTION: Clemson University
COMPANY NAME: J+J Flooring Group

Clemson University

Giving students a vibrant campus identity to be a part of is one way to enhance learning and the overall college experience. Clemson used J+J Flooring products to create a sense of connectivity and unity in their new athletic facilities, which strengthened campus identity and tradition.


In the last two years, Clemson University has invested nearly $160 million to upgrade and improve its athletic facilities on campus. At the heart of Clemson’s athletic facilities lies Littlejohn Coliseum, home of the Tiger’s men’s and women’s basketball teams. Originally constructed in 1968, the coliseum was in need of modern revitalization with an eye toward improving the efficiency and connectivity of the space. Included in the massive renovation was a new sports medicine room, players’ lounge, recruiting gathering space and coach’s office. Clemson facility administrators were challenged to meet several flooring objectives for the space. Among the most important: Enhance the overall players’ and coaches’ experience; reflect the school’s vibrant brand; meet the distinct design and durability requirements for each specific area; and unify look of the coliseum as a whole.


After careful consideration, university decision-makers and the project designer selected J+J Flooring Group as the lead floor-covering supplier.

Clemson UniversityWithin the sports medicine room, J+J’s Kinetex Umbra met the durability requirements. Tested to withstand 5 million foot traffics, this textile composite flooring also boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic that brings added warmth to the space. In the coaches’ offices and players lounge, another plank product, Inception, from J+J’s Invision brand, was customized with an exact color-match to Clemson’s iconic purple.

In each of the athletic facility spaces, the product, patterns and colors were strategically chosen and positioned to provide a harmonious blend of timeless functionality and vibrant design to showcase the legacy of the Clemson Tigers.

Clemson UniversityIMPACT ON LEARNING

The new athletic facilities in Littlejohn Coliseum are a game-changer. “There’s no question the flooring products chosen for these spaces helped us to share the rich heritage and story of our athletic program while dramatically improving the player, recruit and coaches’ experience,” says Joe Simon, associate athletic director of Facility Management at Clemson University.

Clemson’s Littlejohn Coliseum has been held in high esteem for nearly 50 years, which is why preserving the integrity of the new facilities was so high on the list of priorities during the redesign. Efforts to safeguard Clemson’s vibrant campus culture and incorporate its brand image came together through the adept use of multiple J+J Flooring Group product solutions. Now, each space, while distinctly different, offers a sense of unity and connectivity that embraces and reflects the Clemson brand with the boldest declaration of tradition gracing the floor.

Editor’s Review

Attractive, well-designed facilities can be key to attracting and retaining students. When administrators can integrate a product into the design of facilities that is durable, easy to maintain and attractive, with the added bonus of providing the option of coordinating with institutional branding, students will respond. Also, installations that are resilient and long lasting positively impact the bottom line.

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