Calabasas Campus Tenant Improvement

AC Martin

Project of Distinction 2017 Education Design Showcase

Calabasas Campus Tenant Improvement

Project Information

Facility Use: 4-Year Institution
Project Type: Renovation
Location: Calabasas, CA
District/Inst.: Pepperdine University
Chief Administrator: Nicolle Taylor
Completion Date: August 2017
Gross Area: 35,932 sq. ft. (renovation)
Site Size: 6.15 acres
Capacity: 100 (staff)
Cost per Sq. Ft.: $135
Total Cost: $4,840,000

Calabasas Campus Tenant ImprovementPepperdine’s Calabasas campus was an investment born out of necessity and designed into an innovative, forward-thinking combination of academic and operational space. The renovation of Pepperdine’s Calabasas campus is a multi-phase endeavor sequenced to allow the building to serve as surge space for various other construction projects on campus before it ultimately is developed into its final state; a multipurpose academic and operational university campus.

The first phase of the renovation, creating modern open architecture office space, made possible the move of approximately 100 staff members in four departments from the Malibu campus and set in motion a gravitation toward working space reflecting our priority principles: community and collaboration. The project also embraced hoteling spaces and conference rooms with new and reliable technology to connect our campuses, and it implemented sustainable elements, significantly upgrading the building from its original 1998 structure. It is a contemporary representation of our traditional architectural touchstone coupled with an innovative embrace of new technologies and working styles.

Calabasas Campus Tenant Improvement Calabasas Campus Tenant Improvement

Judges Comments

I like the energy-management system put into place. Forward-thinking technology-enhanced conferencing spaces.


AC Martin