Colorado State University Biology Building

Hord Coplan Macht

Project of Distinction 2017 Education Design Showcase

Colorado State University Biology Building

Project Information

Facility Use: 4-year Institution
Project Type: New Construction
Category: Laboratories/Research Facilities
Location: Fort Collins, CO
District/Inst.: Colorado State University
Chief Administrator: Tracey Abel
Completion Date: August 2017
Gross Area: 134,500 sq. ft.
Area Per Student: 63 sq. ft.
Site Size: 2.21 acres
Current Enrollment: 1,550 Undergrad/115 Graduate
Capacity: 1,800 students
Cost per Student: $38,888
Cost per Sq. Ft.: $456
Total Cost: $58,000,000

Colorado State University Biology BuildingThe new $58 million biology building on the Colorado State University (CSU) campus is a four-story, 154,000-square-foot teaching and research facility.

The LEED Gold-certified structure houses the CSU biology department, including research labs, special collections used for teaching, faculty offices, and idea space for collaboration. A large portion of the building is also dedicated to classrooms, teaching labs, student common spaces, advising and tutoring offices, and study rooms.

The new biology building provides opportunities for hands-on laboratory work for undergraduate students, both in class and in working with faculty members on their research. The science-on-display design of the building allows a view into the labs from the hallways through glass panels.

Colorado State University Biology Building Colorado State University Biology Building

Judges Comments

The display walls are the strength of this project. The use of terrazzo is a good choice for both appearance and longevity. Nice use of materials.


Hord Coplan Macht