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Millions Challenged to #DedicateAnApple for Teachers

Portland, Ore. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – More than ever before, teachers across the country need to know they are supported in ways both big and small. Concordia University-Portland is launching the Million Apple Challenge May 7-11 to encourage a million expressions of appreciation on social media to recognize teachers’ life-changing contributions to their students.

Everyone can join the movement by posting a photo or video to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, tagging a teacher or school to say thank you by using the hashtag #DedicateAnApple. Visit for more details.

“Education is absolutely key to our mission of preparing leaders for the transformation of society,” said Charles Schlimpert, president, Concordia University-Portland. “We look forward to seeding a movement that values and supports teachers worldwide, and continues to grow.”

Concordia University-Portland continues its 112-year commitment to preparing the best educators and education leaders through its accredited, and highly immersive and collaborative curriculum.

“Join us by dedicating an apple today, and all week, in the Million Apple Challenge on social media, using #DedicateAnApple,” said Concordia University’s College of Education Dean Sheryl Reinisch. “The foundation for a strong society is education, and it begins with teachers. Concordia University-Portland values and appreciates our teachers and is committed to lifting up teachers and the profession of teaching in the process.”

In other efforts, Concordia University is partnering to develop a new national model, 3 to PhD, which aims to create safer, healthier and more educated communities by reducing health disparities and increasing educational attainment for historically underserved and vulnerable populations.