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University of Toledo to Launch Electric Scooter Sharing on Campus

TOLEDO, OH – The University of Toledo (UT) is bringing electric scooters to campus.

Beginning fall semester, the university will launch its electric scooter sharing program through a company called Lime.

More than 100 battery-powered scooters will be available for students, faculty, and staff to rent through a smartphone app starting fall semester.

UT is debuting the green, alternative transportation service to benefit students, faculty, and staff.

“This pioneering program offers an innovative way to more easily move around campus,” UT President Sharon L. Gaber says. “It builds on what we started with our Rocket Wheels bike sharing program. Only in this case, you need to download an app to your smartphone and pay for each ride.”

UT is starting with 125 electric scooters and plans to double that depending on demand.

The battery-powered scooters will be located at multiple “hot spots” across the University’s Main Campus, with users locating and unlocking them through the free Lime app. After reaching their destination, riders then lock the scooter with the app.

Users are charged $1 by Lime to unlock a scooter, plus 15 cents per minute.

The Lime app shows real-time scooter locations, making it easy for users to find a scooter throughout campus. Every evening, all scooters will be collected by Lime, fully charged, and returned to their original hot spots for use the next day.

The 250-watt motored scooters, which have a maximum speed up to approximately 14.8 miles per hour and are equipped with safety features, will be limited to on-campus use only.

“Because Lime assumes all responsibility for the scooters and their maintenance, the new program will not cost the university anything,” says Larry Kelley, UT executive vice president for finance and administration, and chief financial officer. “Along with our partnership with TARTA, this scooter sharing program is yet another example of how UT is striving to provide an exceptional experience for our students.”

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