Keck Center for Science and Engineering Opens at Chapman University

The Keck Center for Science and Engineering on the campus of Chapman University in Orange, CA, opened its doors to students and faculty in August, just in time for the new academic year. Supported by a $20 million grant from W.M. Keck Foundation, this game-changing facility spans nearly an entire city block and offers 140,000 square feet of space for learning, research, and collaboration. Home to Schmid College of Science and Technology, the building will also house Dale E. ’58 and Sarah Ann Fowler School of Engineering, opening in fall 2020.


The Keck Center is comprised of three floors and divided into two sections: the Hall of Science and the Hall of Technology and Engineering, bridged by a grand arch that serves as the focal point of the building. In total, the center includes 18 teaching labs, 22 research labs, 47 faculty and graduate student offices, three multipurpose classrooms, and six collaboration areas for students and faculty. The facility also features an 833-seat outdoor amphitheater/stadium and a 347-space, two-story subterranean parking garage.

To enhance interdisciplinary work, the Keck Center features high-tech equipment and design elements such as writable glass walls within the science, technology, and engineering labs.