Tennessee District to Launch $3 Million infrastructure and Curriculum Upgrade

Trenton Special School District (Trenton SSD) in Trenton, Tenn., is partnering with Johnson Controls to address aging infrastructure and enhance classroom curriculum at three schools. The updates, which include the installation of intelligent LED lighting fixtures, an energy management control system, a Pathways HVAC Technology Learning Center and a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-focused curriculum will create energy and operational savings, and improve the environment for student learning and faculty performance.

The three million dollars in improvements will be enabled through an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC), an engagement that will help Trenton SSD unlock trapped capital and use guaranteed savings to offset the cost of the upgrades. A comprehensive list of updates includes:

  • LED Lighting Upgrades (district-wide)
  • Water Conservation (district-wide)
  • HVAC Unit Replacements (Trenton Middle School and Trenton Elementary School)
  • Pathways HVAC Technology Learning Center (Peabody High School)
  • Energy Management Control System (district-wide)
  • STEM-focused Energy Management Curriculum (district-wide)
  • School Dude/Work Order Management System (district-wide)
  • Fire Alarm System Improvement (including speaker & visuals in every classroom) (Peabody High School) 

“Through our partnership with Trenton Special School District, the district will be able to transform the environment, operational and energy efficiency of its facilities,” says Fadi Kiameh, Performance Infrastructure business development manager, Johnson Controls. “We’re delighted to partner with the district to implement the improvements needed to help further their mission of providing students with the best education and learning environment as possible.”

The addition of a Pathways HVAC Technology Learning Center at Peabody High School will include a HVAC laboratory with the purpose of training students for careers in the HVAC industry. During the construction phase, various Johnson Controls employees will provide installation, commissioning and mentoring on this equipment. The company will also help the district develop a STEM curriculum and an Academy of Energy Education teacher workshop with a summer camp for students.

“The implementation of the Pathways HVAC Technology Learning Center at our high school will offer an unparalleled opportunity for our students to become better prepared for the future workforce,” says Tim Haney, director of Schools for the district. “Our collaboration with Johnson Controls will allow us to enhance our district’s physical environment through necessary infrastructure upgrades, while directly helping to improve student achievement.”

The project is expected to be complete when school begins in August. Upon completion, Trenton SSD will have realized over $5.1 million dollars in project benefits, which are guaranteed over the life of the 20-year agreement.

To learn more about Trenton Special School District, visit: www.trentonssd.org.