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"Teach Green" in May for a Chance to Win a Prize

Washington, D.C.

With the #WhyITeachGreen campaign, teachers can explore free lessons on Learning Lab.

Now that most school testing is over, it’s time for teachers to teach the lessons they most care about and enjoy.

Why not use this time to teach students about the impacts they have on the environment? Use the momentum from Earth Day to connect student learning to what they heard about or did that day. Teaching students about the impacts they have on their environment can prompt behavior changes and emotional and intellectual benefits, regardless of the complexity of the lesson.

Why do you teach green?

With the #WhyITeachGreen campaign this May, Learning Lab education partners make it easy, fun and rewarding to teach green by recommending lessons, encouraging teachers to share their experiences and offering prizes for participation.

For the duration of the #WhyITeachGreen campaign, teachers can explore free sustainability-themed lessons on Learning Lab, teach lessons they’ve found and share their experiences for a chance to win prizes that will help advance their sustainability journey.

Prizes range from a free subscription to Learning Lab to teacher training and resources to Amazon gift cards. Visit the #WhyITeachGreen page at Learning Lab to learn more about how to qualify for prizes.

Find teaching resources on Learning Lab

Learning Lab is an online K–12 education platform for teachers to explore sustainability-themed lessons in the classroom. With over 600 lessons from curriculum designers, Learning Lab is the one-stop shop for sustainability education. Each lesson is aligned to standards and equipped with all the guidance and materials needed for implementation. All educators have to do is teach the lesson!

In May, the Learning Lab education partners recommend over 30 free lessons that are great for teaching about sustainability. Explore the lessons and start teaching green.