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The Quell Foundation Distributes $1.275 Million in Scholarships Since 2016

Falmouth, Mass. – The Quell Foundation remains committed to its mission to reduce the number of suicides, overdoses and, incarcerations of people with mental health illness. As a testament to achieving its mission, The Foundation is pleased to announce that it has distributed nearly $1.3 million to students across the country since its inception in 2016.

"The world and how it views mental health is a different place than it was when I started The Quell Foundation just a few years ago," said The Foundation's CEO, Kevin Lynch. "As a society, we are beginning to take stock of the importance of mental health and those who care for it.  Through the tireless work of our supporters, and volunteers, The Quell Foundation is making real, quantitative change to the future of the mental health care field."

Since June 2016, the foundation has distributed over one million dollars to students attending nearly 400 universities and colleges in 47 different states across the country. During the current scholarship cycle, the Foundation's students represent 378 different post-secondary schools and 435 scholarships distributed, totaling $463,750. The 2019-20 scholarship cycle denotes the largest distribution amount for The Foundation since its creation.

The foundation distributes three types of scholarships to students seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree from institutions across the U.S. The application window opens once a year and is available to students starting in mid-December and closes in mid-April each year. 

The Quell Survivor Scholarship is distributed to select high school seniors or current undergraduate/graduate students who have experienced the devastating loss of a parent, caregiver or sibling to suicide.

The Quell Fighter Scholarship is distributed to a select high school senior or a current undergraduate/graduate student that are currently in treatment for a diagnosed mental health condition.

The Quell Bridge the Gap Scholarship is distributed to third or fourth-year Undergraduate students or Graduate students pursuing a degree in psychology, social work or other fields of study related to the provision of mental health services.

In addition, The Foundation looks forward to its continued partnerships with Penn State University, Becker College, Nova Southeastern, and the University of Minnesota.

About The Quell Foundation, Inc.  
Based in North Falmouth, Massachusetts, The Quell Foundation works to reduce the number of suicides, overdoses, and incarcerations of people with mental illness by encouraging people to share their story, increasing access to mental health services, and supporting first responders in recognizing the mental health warning signs among their own. Visit to learn more.