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Security Measures Added to Colorado Schools Through DHS Grant

Weld RE-5J School District in Johnstown, Colorado received a grant totaling nearly $350,000 from the Department of Homeland Security to overhaul its security system at two schools.

Roosevelt High School and Milliken Middle School’s security system were upgraded: additional cameras, access control locks and school bus access technology were implemented on the campuses.

Student ID cards serve as access keys to get on the bus and to access certain parts of the building at a given time. The external doors of the building are locked at all times and are only accessible to some staff.

Old cameras were replaced and about 80 more new ones were installed.

The cameras are linked to the Johnstown Police Department and allows the officers to monitor the video remotely.

“We can access the video from our phones, from the computers in our cars,” Sgt. Kyle Williams of the Johnstown Police Department told a local news station. “If we do have to come in for some type of emergency, we can have an idea of what we are coming in on.”

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