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Rhode Island SD Implements Software to Cut Student Distraction

The Warwick School Committee in Rhode Island unanimously approved the implementation of a software called GoGuardian Teacher to curb student distraction while using technology in the classroom. The software, described as a “Chromebook classroom management tool,” will cost the district about $120,000.

GoGuardian allows a teacher to monitor every student’s screen in their classroom. It will show the current website the student is viewing, as well as other tabs that are open and a history of sites that have been accessed during the session. Teachers are able to close tabs that are off task and direct message with each student.

Technology director Doug Alexander told the Warick Beacon that he hopes the software will “provide data-driven insights into how students stay on task and how many go off task, as well as help teachers observe and optimize their students’ use of technology within the classroom.” He wants teachers to view the tool as a way to boost engagement with students instead of a disciplinary tool.

The software will be used in secondary schools during school hours and only works when using the school WiFi.

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