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HSB Launches New IoT Solution for Schools

Hartford Steam Boiler, part of Munich Re, announced a new customized IoT solution for schools to protect buildings and equipment against water leaks, freezing pipes, mold and perishable goods spoilage.

HSB Connected Technologies will monitor buildings and equipment 24/7 and alert school officials immediately of any potential risks. School officials will be able to check on conditions in gyms, locker rooms, offices and other spaces on campus with the use of a mobile app.

“We think of schools as bustling with students, teachers and activity,” said Jack Volinski, HSB senior vice president in a press release.  “But what about when the school is empty?  Perhaps at night, on a holiday weekend, or winter and summer breaks?  Our IoT solution monitors property and equipment risks and sends an alert to proactively mitigate damages that traditional building management systems cannot prevent.”

HSB’s new school solution is powered by advanced algorithms that consider multiple risk factors. The IoT sensors use the latest LoRaWAN® network protocols to provide long range and strong signal strength across school buildings.

The IoT solution is available through school risk pools and property-casualty insurance companies that partner with HSB.

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