Preschool in Conn. Opens Makerspace

The United Methodist Preschool (UMPS) in New Canaan, CT recently held a public open house of their newly completed makerspace. The makerspace enhances their STEAM-based curriculum.

The makerspace provides children ages 3-5 with a space for making, learning, exploring, and sharing. “Through tinkering (using stuff), making (using stuff to make stuff), and engineering (using stuff to make stuff that does stuff), children are engaged in the same creative processes and actions that engineers and scientists use,” read a statement on the school’s website.

“The new space will enable the children to create, explore in-depth, and work on long-term projects,” UMPS board member Margaret Pastel told the New Canaan Advertiser. “This is unique as most preschool projects are often completed in one day and rarely returned to. In the Makerspace, children will construct, improve, dismantle, imagine and redesign long-term projects, fostering creativity and higher-level thinking skills.”

The preschool is the first preschool to receive accreditation through The National Association for the Education of Young Children.

About the Author

Yvonne Marquez is senior editor of Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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