Mohawk Joins Climate Pledge

Commercial flooring manufacturer Mohawk Group has joined the Climate Pledge, an effort launched by Amazon and Global Optimism with the aim of accelerating climate action above and beyond the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

The Climate Pledge, launched in 2019, aims for carbon neutrality by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. It includes three commitments: regular reporting, carbon elimination and meaningful, credible carbon offsets. Signatories to the pledge as of this writing number more than 200 and represent more than $1.8 trillion in annual revenues — a little more than 2.1% of the gross world product (as of 2020) and are "expected to collectively mitigate 1.98 billion metric tons (BMT) of carbon emissions from a 2020 baseline. This is equivalent to 5.4% of current global annual emissions." In September alone, 83 companies joined the pledge, including Procter & Gamble, HP and Salesforce.

According to Mohawk: "Mohawk Group has already begun implementing major manufacturing changes to eliminate its carbon footprint, striving toward a holistic improvement of its flooring's lifecycle to reduce the amounts of water, energy, carbon and waste involved in the process. As of 2022, all Mohawk Group flooring products will be carbon neutral plus an additional 5% carbon offset; the group’s carpet tile already meets this goal. With this new initiative, all Mohawk Group hard surface and soft surface floors will have a net positive impact on climate."

Further details about the Climate Pledge can be found at

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