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Utah District Teams Up with Vector Solutions for Staff Training

The Salt Lake City School District in Utah recently announced that it has adopted a training management system from Vector Solutions. Vector Training, formerly known as SafeSchools, provides online video training courses for K–12 schools and will help the district maintain federal, state and local staff training and compliance among its 4,000 employees, according to a news release.

According to a news release, the Vector Safety & Compliance course library offers online courses like “Bullying Recognition and Response,” “Active Shooter,” “Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention,” “Accident Investigation” and more. It also helps districts meet state and federal training mandates on topics like OSHA, Mandatory Reporting, Title IX and FERPA, among others.

The program offers functionalities like automatic tracking and reporting of individuals’ training requirements; real-time access to reports of training and completion; the ability to customize existing courses or build district-specific training courses; a user interface that allows for communication between the staff and administration; and the ability for administrators to assign courses to staff members and receive a notification when the course is completed.

“Vector Training makes it easier for administrators to manage their staff training and helps them stay on top of safety and compliance requirements,” said Marc Scheipe, Vector Solutions CEO. “The Salt Lake City School District was looking for a solution that would help it tackle these challenges, and we are glad to partner with them to help them achieve these goals.”

The Salt Lake City School District serves about 21,000 students and has about 4,000 full- or part-time employees. About 60 of the top 100 largest school districts in the U.S. use Vector Training, the news release states.

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