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Galaxy Next Generation Offers Free One-Year Subscription

Interactive learning technology solutions provider Galaxy Next Generation recently announced that it will be offering a free one-year (academic year) subscription to its G2 Visual Alerts solution to every school and school district in the U.S. According to a news release, G2 Visual Alerts serves as a cloud-based solution that can send announcements or visual alerts to any Internet-connected device within the school or district, giving schools the ability to disseminate a warning throughout an entire building within seconds of a reported threat.

“With the rise in school violence continuing across the nation, we felt compelled to make an impact on the education community by providing any schools with a proven security solution at no cost,” said Magen McGahee, Galaxy Next Generation CFO. “The majority of our employees are either parents or grandparents of school-aged children, so it is a personal mission for all of us at Galaxy to make our schools safer for this generation of kids and beyond. Since most of our costs for the development of G2 Visual Alerts have already been accounted for in previous years, we are able to offer a solution to our community in a time of need without a large impact to us financially.”

“Quick communication needs to be a key component in every school's security and safety plan,” said Gary LeCroy, Galaxy Next Generation CEO. “Galaxy's unique ability to help so many schools implement an efficient emergency communication plan, at a minimal impact to our company financially, made it an easy decision for us to enact this philanthropic effort. We hope that every school across the U.S. takes advantage of our offer to assist in their safety plans for the sake of our children and teachers.”

More information about G2 Visual Alerts is available in an October 2021 Spaces4Learning news story, a January 2022 Schools in Focus podcast, a Viewpoint transcript of the podcast, and a Galaxy Next Generation video. More information about the complimentary copy of the G2 Visual Alerts software is available on the Galaxy Next Generation website.

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