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Luxxbox Upgrades Linea Slimline Acoustic LED System

Luxxbox, which provides acoustic and flexible workspace solutions, recently announced significant upgrades to its slimline acoustic LED system. The Linea lighting fixture features noise absorption capabilities and acoustic performance. The new model features a plug-and-play power connector that allows canopies and power to be installed before the fixture, requiring only one power feed per run of lights, according to a news release. It also features a cassette-style drive to accommodate factory-programmable drivers after installation.

“The improvements made to the Linea installation process is an industry gamechanger,” said Jason Bird, Founder and Creative Director of Luxxbox. “Unique from other acoustic lighting fixtures on the market, the process is completely simplified with only one power feed needed per run.”

Linea Slimline Acoustic LED System
Photo courtesy of Luxxbox

The Linea fixture debuted in April 2019 and is intended to maximize noise cancellation and acoustic surface areas. The dimmable LED fixtures come as a direct or indirect wash and features shielding options like direct louvered, direct diffused, indirect lensed and unlit. It also comes in four height options, multiple lengths and more than 70 colors, according to a news release. Each fixture can be used independently or paired together to form a continuous run of acoustic illumination.

More information is available on the Luxxbox website.

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