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Eastern Michigan University Announces $200M in Campus Housing Projects

Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Mich., recently announced that it has finalized a plan to invest $200 million in a series of on-campus housing projects. A university news release reports that the plan involves constructing two new residence halls, demolishing several older ones and renovating every residence hall on campus except one.

“Under our Welcome Home 2025 plan, every residence hall that remains on our campus will be renovated other than Wise Hall, which was renovated in 2017. Plus, we will have two entirely new residence halls that will be stunning in their design,” said Eastern Michigan University President James Smith. “The new housing communities will be highly user-friendly and efficient for our students, and they will contribute greatly to the overall vibrancy of our campus environment. As of today, it’s all systems go for the start of this transformational project.”

The university’s Board of Regents approved the lease agreement and other related documents at its regular meeting on Thursday, June 16. The news release reports that design work has been in progress for several months, and construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

Of the two new residence halls, the Lakeview residence hall will have a capacity of 400 and stand on the north side of campus. The new Westview residence hall will replace an existing apartment building slated for demolition and will hold about 300 students. The new constructions and all existing residence halls will feature WiFi capabilities, air conditioning and room layouts that students helped design.

According to a December 2021 news release, the goals of the Welcome Home 2025 plan include keeping housing rates affordable for students; securing a high-quality living experience; and engaging students in both the design and continued management of student housing facilities.

The university is partnering with the Gilbrane Development Company for external financing and project management. A project timeline on the university website sees construction continuing into 2025.

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