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Solatube Debuts SolaMaster Round Ceiling Fixtures

Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD) manufacturer Solatube International, Inc. recently introduced the newest addition to its SolaMaster product line. The Round Ceiling Fixture features a minimal ceiling intrusion that is almost flush with the ceiling itself, offering a clean, modern way to add daylighting into installation spaces, according to a press release. TDDs collect daylight through roof-mounted optical domes, which direct the light through reflective tubes and send it to fixtures that diffuse it throughout the room of choice.

“Our SolaMaster Series is designed to deliver consistent light output throughout the day. It effectively captures low-angle rays in the morning and late afternoon but rejects high-angle rays at midday to prevent glare and heat,” said Solatube International President Robert E. Westfall, Jr. “The new Round Ceiling Fixture offers the same great performance with a modern new aesthetic.”

The Round Ceiling Fixture’s sleek, low-profile design allows designers and architects to incorporate the devices in contemporary spaces. It can be added in new construction or renovation projects and is compatible with all SolaMaster accessories, including the commercial Daylight Dimmer and an integrated LED Light-Kit. It’s also available with the Solatube OptView Shaping Diffusers and Prismatic diffuser options, which lets architects and designers modify lens patterns for a variety of light distribution spreads and visual effects.

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