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New Jersey School District to Install Entry Screening Solution

Patriot One Technologies recently announced that it will install entry screening solutions for a school district in Lakewood, N.J., according to a news release. The Lakewood Township district will utilize the SmartGateway weapons screening system to prevent students, faculty, staff, and others from bringing weapons into schools across the district. The installation comes against the backdrop of a recent report revealing that up to 3 percent of high school students have brought weapons onto school property.

“After sending security experts to trade shows to evaluate opinions and performing and aggressive analysis of various technology solutions, and rigorous onsite testing, we were impressed with the versatility and consistency of Patriot One’s solution,” said Lakewood Board of Education security director Robert DeSimone. “The SmartGateway can be easily moved to different areas of our facilities, depending on events we are holding, and can be integrated easily with future technology systems and upgrades in Lakewood Schools.”

The solution uses AI-powered sensors to screen for hidden weapons like guns, knives, and more as people pass through pillars. People being screened don’t have to remove any of their personal items, ensuring a quick and thorough entry process that “offers a more accurate detection rate than traditional security measures,” according to the news release.

“Lakewood Schools has already put efforts into protecting its students and staff, and the SmartGateway will help elevate that safety to a new level,” said Patriot One CEO Peter Evans. “Students were already accustomed to using walk-through metal detectors—our technology will let them enter the school much faster, while providing advanced security detection. This let students just be students again. They shouldn’t have to worry about weapons on campus while they’re trying to learn.”

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