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Pennsylvania University to Build New Facility for OT, PT Programs

Misericordia University in Dallas, Penn., recently announced the beginning of a renovation and construction project for its Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) programs, according to university news. The 38,000-square-foot facility will reside within a renovated section of the Mercy Center next to campus, for which the university recently acquired a long-term lease. The news release reports that construction is scheduled for completion by December 2023 and will open to students in January 2024.

The new facility will include separate, individually designed spaces for both programs. Amenities will include observation rooms and las, lecture halls with interactive video technology, an acute care lab, a home health lab, student lounges and flexible study space, capstone centers, and administrative space.

“Our occupational and physical therapy programs have a long track record of preparing excellent clinical practitioners who care deeply about their patients,” said University President Daniel J. Myers, Ph.D. “This is a very special opportunity to utilize an existing building that is essentially on our campus to enhance both programs’ physical space. We appreciate the Sisters of Mercy working so closely with us on this opportunity following their decision to change the use of that facility.”

The OT spaces will occupy the first and second floors, while PT will take up the third floor. The university will also renovate the entrance and lobby area to establish it as a university space. The project will cost an estimated $8.5 million, according to university news.

“Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristics of our OT and PT programs, and what makes them the region’s premier programs, are the quality of our faculty and the quality of the student-faculty interactions, said Dean of the College of Health Science and Education Barbara Schwartz-Bechet, Ph.D. “We had adequate space before, but this upgrade will add needed space to facilitate those excellent, existing student-faculty interactions—as well as keep up with cutting-edge technology and the demands of delivering a premier program.”

The university’s OT and PT programs are currently based out of Passan Hall on campus. The university is currently reviewing options as to how to best utilize that space once the therapy programs move to their new home.

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