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Florida District Starts Construction on New Elementary School

T&T Construction Management Group, Inc., recently announced that construction has begun on a new facility for the existing Highlands Elementary School in Jacksonville, Fla., according to a news release. The new school will replace the existing facility on the same site. Construction is scheduled for completion in August 2024, and current Highland Elementary students will attend the nearby Martin Luther King, Jr., campus for the 2023–24 academic year.

The purpose of the new construction is to consolidate students from the current Highlands Elementary and from Pine Estates Elementary in one building. It will offer amenities like expanded traditional classrooms, music rooms, art rooms, and more.

Photo Credit: Zyscovich

“We share the same goal, which is to provide the teachers, administrators, and students at Duvall County Public Schools a new campus they can be proud of,” said T&T Business Development Manager Ryan McDavid. “It helps that the new Highlands Elementary will exist on the same site as the old school—so, in a way, when we’re finished next summer, the students will essentially ‘return’ to a familiar place, with an amazing modern new school they can take pride in.”

The district is also partnering with general contractor CPPI and architecture firm Zyscovich. Funding comes from a Duvall County 0.05-penny sales tax program, the news release reports.

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