Carnegie Releases Full Spectrum Collection

Sustainable textiles and acoustical management solutions provider Carnegie recently launched a new series of fabrics called the Full Spectrum Collection, according to a news release. The series features 45 colors and patterns across a variety of price points that were designed for use in commercial spaces and offer high degrees of performance, style, and durability.

“In today's evolving design landscape, community-based design principles have transcended traditional boundaries, necessitating not only sustainable materials but also considerations for cleanability and resilience,” said Carnegie’s Chief Creative Officer, Heather Bush. “At Carnegie, we understand that the foundation of happiness lies in healthy relationships, making community-based design paramount for all spaces. In response to these developments, our Full Spectrum Collection is designed to encompass the full spectrum of life, work, and play.”

The Full Spectrum Collection ads to the company’s Xorel Meteor line, which now has a total of 81 shades. Full Spectrum consists of 16 types of bold and pastel patterns to the Biobased Xorel brand for easy mixing and matching. It also adds Precision, a coated upholstery in 29 new shades ranging from neutrals to bright colors.

The collection’s fabrics are “100% PVC-free, finish-free, PFAS-free, have extremely low VOCs, and are inherently antimicrobial and antibacterial,” according to the news release. Each pattern comes with a durability of 500,000 double rubs or higher. The fabrics can be cleaned using bleach or hospital-grade disinfectants without affecting their appearance.

New patterns in the collection include Ion (herringbone), Nebula (etched marks and lines), and Precision (solid colors).

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