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Western Wyoming Community College Expands Access to Teletherapy

Western Wyoming Community College recently announced the launch of a new partnership that will expand mental-health support resources to rural and working students, according to a news release. The college is partnering with Uwill, a Boston-based mental-health and wellness solution for university students, to provide teletherapy opportunities to its more-than 3,000 students.

“Uwill has the ability to provide our students with diverse, immediate, and effective mental health care,” said Amy Galley, Western Wyoming Community College’s Director of Wellbeing & Accessibility/Title IX. “While the competition for a teletherapy provider was strong, Uwill stood out among the rest for their innovative technology and ease of access.”

According to the news release, the campus-wide teletherapy program will provide support for students across five counties, including part-time, working, and adult students. About two-thirds (67%) of the state’s community college students are part-time students, with 38% in short-term certificate programs and 42% between the ages of 25 and 64. The full-time-student amenities offered to part-time students is intended to offer mental health and wellness services to those who might not otherwise have access.

“Community college leaders have long understood that supporting student mental health and ensuring student success are two sides of the same coin,” said Uwill CEO and Founder Michael London. “Community and technical colleges in rural and remote areas are responding to increased demand for mental health support, and teletherapy solutions can help to close these gaps in treatment, ensuring that students have the resources needed to achieve their educational and career goals.”

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