July/August 2020 Spaces4Learning

July/August 2020


academic design and construction


Why Design-Build Merits Serious Consideration for Academic Design & Construction

By Ed Hodges

The academic sector is the perfect use case for exploring how design-build is the best delivery system for mitigating risk, increasing the speed of delivery, lowering costs, and delivering great design – all through a simpler, more collaborative process.

proper distancing in schools

Rethinking School Spaces and Structures to Maintain Proper Distancing Amid COVID-19

By Cindy Eggebrecht-Weinschreider

When students finally return to school after months of learning from home, there will be dramatic changes. Even when K-12 leaders are allowed to reopen their facilities, doing so safely and responsibly will require everyone to maintain proper distancing while they’re at school, experts agree — at least until there is a working vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

cooperative purchasing for schools


Trends in Cooperative Purchasing

By Sarat Pratapchandran

School districts see value in using cooperative purchasing entities as they get a steady, predictable pricing structure and supplier source.

Northwestern University sports facility

Facility Focus

Northwestern University: Walter Athletics Center and Ryan Fieldhouse

By Scott Berman

sensory room

Sensory Rooms

Sensory Rooms May Help Ease the Anxiety Students Feel from COVID-19

By Cecilia Cruse

The stimulating environment of a sensory room may heighten awareness, provide a sense of security and comfort, improve creativity, promote mental and physical relaxation, and even decrease aggressive behaviors.

theater renovation

Building Blueprints

Setting the Stage for Success

Extensive Renovation Adds State-of-the-Art Theater to Massachusetts School

By Thomas Renner


Editor's Note

A New Back-to-School Experience

By Yvonne Marquez

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Smart Lockers Now and Beyond the Pandemic

Campus operations of all kinds were severely impacted by the pandemic, as were many of the habits and expectations of students, parents, faculty and staff. Some of those changes, it appears, will outlast the pandemic — including advances in the way packages are delivered and tracked on campus. Read this Q&A with the Editor to find out more.