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How Do You Pick the Right Hand Dryers for Your School? The Answer Is Multiple Choice.

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Every school is different. It’s the basis of school pride. But with those differences come different needs, right down to the selection of highspeed hand dryers. Choosing the right hand dryers can have a surprisingly big impact on so many levels, from significantly reducing costs on energy, maintenance and materials, to optimizing sanitary conditions and decreasing your school’s carbon footprint.

Because no two schools are the same — and even the structure within a school can vary — there is no one right answer. Rather, there are several. As the only manufacturer to offer a complete portfolio of high-speed hand dryers, World Dryer has the capabilities to offer the model — or models — that are right for you.

Wheaton Academy: A study in choice

Teachers have always told us to cite examples when we make a claim. Here’s a perfect one:

Wheaton Academy is a 160-year-old college prep high school situated on a 50-acre campus in Wheaton, Ill. It’s attended by 650 students, grades nine through 12. Three of its five facilities (the Fine Arts Center, Heritage Field House and the Academic Building) were in dire need of upgrading its hand dryers. During special events at the Fine Arts Center, for instance, undue noise and frustratingly long lines resulting from extended drying times only drew attention to the changes that had to be made. But the challenges demanded more than one-size-fits-all solutions:

  • For the Fine Arts Center, hygienic operation, fast-drying and the ability to control sound were on the wish list.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliancy was the mandate for the Field House.
  • And for the Academic Building, high speed and optimum energy efficiency were firm requirements.

After consulting with Wheaton Academy’s maintenance department and offering several models to put to the test, the solutions were agreed upon:

  • World Dryer’s SMARTdri Plus models were chosen for the Fine Arts Center due to its 10 second drying time, using 40 percent less energy than competitive high speed hand dryers, sound quality and heating options.
  • The Field House’s ADA concerns were addressed with the rapid-dry SLIMdri hand dryers – 40 percent faster and 70 percent more energy efficient than other surfacemounted ADA hand dryers.
  • Because of their high-speed dry times of less than 15 seconds and using only 50 percent of the energy traditional hand dryers require, AirMax hand dryers were the choice for the Academic Building.

Your school’s wish list will be unique to the diverse needs of your school.

Let’s take a look at some facts that can lead your school down the path to cost savings and sustainability.

Paper towels vs. hand dryers

  • 90 – 95 percent. Compared to paper towels, that’s how much switching to high-speed hand dryers can reduce costs in materials, maintenance in restroom upkeep and waste.
  • $4,000. That’s how much an average school can save per year by replacing paper towels with World Dryer hand dryers. The $20,000 in savings over five years can go towards books, computers and more.
  • 3 tons less C02. Over its lifetime, one high-speed hand dryer produces 3 tons less C02 than the production of the paper towels it replaces.
  • 88 percent. Today’s high-speed hand dryers use 88 percent less energy than traditional hand dryers, and dry hands up to 3 times faster.

Whether it’s choice, energy efficiency or cost efficiency, World Dryer has the intelligent high-speed hand dryer for your unique needs. Products that are sure to help improve the quality of life, the environment and your school’s bottom line.

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