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APM Steam Provides Heat Exchanger Assessment, Testing Services for Higher Education Facilities

APM Steam recently released a press release emphasizing its Heat Exchanger Assessment and Testing Services for the maintenance of steam systems at colleges and universities. The comprehensive exam is intended to enhance energy efficiency, operational integrity, and safety in facility steam systems. The exam offers services like confirming operational effectiveness, assessing structural integrity via pressure testing, estimating costs for actions and repairs, evaluating potential energy savings, and providing a detailed report.

The services include documenting heat exchangers, including tag numbers, types, models and manufacturers, locations, and applications; identifying and verifying isolation valves and ports for cleaning; pressure testing to verify bundle integrity; providing a comprehensively detailed final report; quotes for heat exchangers that need cleaning or repair; and energy savings calculations, the news release reports.

Heat exchangers help transfer energy between different sources of liquid or steam. Certain components are susceptible to scale build-up from hard or untreated water, which leads to energy loss, longer heating times, and leaking tubes. Undetected leaks can also lead to issues like failure of traps or valves or fluctuations in pressure and temperature.

The service is available to large facilities including colleges and universities. More information is available on the APM Steam website.

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