From the Field

A University's Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Mount St. Mary's University installs a solution for slip-and-fall incidents.

unbrella sheilding off viruses

Keys to Comprehensive Health Awareness in Your Building

COVID-19 and many other viruses are thought to spread mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets and aerosols in the air. Studies suggest that emissions from people can span a room and be pulled into air circulation systems in just a few seconds. A strong air-monitoring and air-management strategy can make the difference between a healthy environment and one in which disease easily spreads.

Coppin State University

Stonhard Provides Quick, Cost-Effective Flooring for Coppins' Physical Education Complex

Stonhard guaranteed a long-lasting, decorative floor system that could be installed quickly and at a fraction of the cost of the originally specified polished concrete.

Sanitaire EON vacuum

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Schools with Better Vacuuming

Allergen triggers often exceed safe thresholds in school buildings. The first commercial vacuum certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America can help reduce exposure.

Sanitaire EON vacuum

Vacuum Innovation Contributes to Improved School Attendance and Test Scores

School air quality issues can affect absenteeism and student test scores. Rigorous cleaning using machines certified with the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Gold Seal of Approval can help.

McMaster University rubber flooring

New Floor Helps Keep Libraries Quiet

Students at McMaster University hear the difference rubber flooring makes. Thanks to the acoustic properties of norament® grano, they enjoy quiet libraries and a better learning environment. Officials love the floor's versatility, selecting it for heavily-trafficked stairwells, laboratories and cafeterias.

GoFree Flex Pro ceiling ledge

ProTeam Cordless Backpack Vacuum Brings Speed and Safety to Stairwells

At University of Washington, a stairwell of seven flights took 30 minutes to clean with a standard backpack vacuum and only 10 minutes to clean with the ProTeam cordless backpack.

pest management

Three outdated pest proofing techniques you want to avoid... and what to do instead.

Every Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program recommends exclusion efforts to help stop rodent problems before they start. But not all exclusion practices are proven to work. Here are three common outdated products and techniques you'll want to avoid.

Grand Valley

Grand Valley School District Strikes the Right Chord

Grand Valley Local School District in Orwell, OH, has had nora premium rubber flooring in place for more than a decade. But it looks as new today as when it was installed.


What to Consider When Selecting Floor-Care Machines

As schools across North America grapple with ever tighter operating budgets, getting the most use of cleaning equipment is of vital importance. Here are five product benefits to consider when it's time to replace your equipment.

Sanitaire EON

Five Steps to Clean More with Less

Selecting the right cleaning equipment is becoming ever more important as North America's colleges and universities grapple with flattening operating budgets. Here are five product benefits to consider to help your staff clean more with less.


A Versatile Solution for Sanitation in Schools

The environmentally-friendly GVC-18VAC combines dry steam cleaning and a vacuum system to effectively clean and sanitize almost any surface. From the classroom to the locker room, you’ll be able to eliminate bacteria and other allergens quickly and thoroughly.

Mercer Elementary makerspace

Making a Makerspace at Mercer Elementary

Project experts at School Outfitters helped transform one elementary school's outdated media center into a state-of-the-art makerspace. See how the company's space-planning specialists tackled the project and chose the best furniture for the space.

rubber flooring in elementary school

Christa McAuliffe Elementary School Enjoys Multiple Benefits of Premium Rubber Flooring

The school, located in Concord, New Hampshire, is one of three new, futuristic elementary schools designed to meet the changing needs of 21st century learning.

School Drills

School Drills: A Dual Purpose Exercise

Educators must learn and practice safety skills so when a situation occurs – a bomb threat, an angry parent, a suicidal student or staff member, a fire, and so on – they are prepared to respond according to the plan and procedures established in their school district.

nora rubber flooring at Syracuse University

Winter's Worst No Match for Premium Rubber Flooring at Syracuse University

In their search for a durable floor covering that would stand up to tough Syracuse winters, the team overseeing housing at Syracuse University selected nora premium rubber flooring to cover dorm entrance areas, corridors, common spaces and stairwells.

cordless backpack vacuum

University of Utah Meets Three Cleaning Challenges with Cordless Backpacks

The custodial staff at University of Utah cleans 121 campus buildings. Three areas posed a specific challenge to vacuum: the library, lecture classrooms, and the Student Life Center. Then they tried the GoFree Flex Pro cordless backpack vacuum from ProTeam.

Cranston High School East

Cranston High School Identifies Security Solution and Saves Money Using Cooperative Purchasing

Find out how this high school took advantage of a cooperative contract to implement a comprehensive security solution that fit their budget and prepared them for future expansion.

Kennesaw State Univ Dance Theater Floor

Harlequin Floors Transforms Stage in First Dance Theater at Kennesaw State University

When Kennesaw State University renovated their theater, they turned to Harlequin Floors for a stage floor solution. The Department of Dance lacked a permanent space suitable for dance and the renovation was an opportunity to turn the old theater into the area’s only venue built specifically for dance.


Improve Indoor Air Quality in Schools with Better Vacuuming

Are your floors really clean? Following carpet cleaning guidelines play a critical role in meeting school cleaning standards, removing allergens and reducing student and faculty absenteeism.

Smart litter receptacle

Smart Litter Receptacles Cut Waste Expense

Victor Stanley's smart, connected waste receptacle and integrated software, RELAY, are expected to save colleges and universities up to 40% on litter and recycling collection expenses annually.

high school bleachers

Dant Clayton and NJPA Team up to Elevate the Fan Experience at Beaver Local High School

Working together, Dant Clayton and NJPA created the opportunity for the Beaver Local High School to replace its non-compliant and outdated bleachers with an ADA-approved grandstand, complete with a press box, that seats nearly 2,500.