January/February 2020 Spaces4Learning

January/February 2020


Spaces4Learning recently launched Schools In Focus, a podcast spotlighting K-12 school design, planning and management.

Episode 1

Introducing Schools In Focus Podcast

By Yvonne Marquez

Spaces4Learning recently launched a podcast focused on K-12 school design, planning and management.

audio visual

Higher Ed Technology

3 Ways AV Can Draw People to Campus

By Dan Goldstein

Today’s audiovisual experiences reflect a digital world that strongly appears to tomorrow's higher education students.

school flooring

K-12 High-Traffic Areas

Flooring and the Impact It Has On K-12 Learning Environments

When it comes to high-traffic areas in schools, flooring plays a lead role in defining learning spaces.

By Richard Chi

timber building

Residence Halls

Constructing Community

By Brian Libby

The largest mass timber building in America, Adohi Hall at the University of Arkansas, exemplifies a new generation of wood-framed and light-filled residence halls designed to foster connections.

K-12 building design

K-12 STEM & Makerspaces

Innovative K–12 Design Inspired by Innovative Curriculum

By Bob Erickson

The first of its kind in the state of Arizona, the Dove Mountain CSTEM K–8 School is setting a precedent as a school of choice, defining the future of school design.


Higher Ed Services

Bundling Auxiliary Services

How do we do better with what we have? Here is a new approach to the organization of service lines to consider.

By James Vigil

There is opportunity to better deliver on your institution’s mission. A new approach to the organization of service lines involves bundling the outsourcing of auxiliaries work.



Healthy Cleaning

By Robert Kravitz

Can more effective cleaning reduce student absenteeism? The evidence seems to say that it can.


Publisher's Note

The New Face of Education Coverage

By Kevin O’Grady

High Tech Trends

The 15 Key Technology Hurdles, Trends and Enablers for 2020

By Dian Schaffhauser


Washington University in St. Louis

Facility Focus: Outdoor Spaces

Washington University in St. Louis: Ann and Andrew Tisch Park

robot lab

K-12 Building Blueprints

Designing Robotics Labs

By Douglas Rich

Robotics education is among the most relevant workforce development training a school can provide. However, these specialized labs require specific design strategies to optimize real-world learning.

University of Tennessee

Facility Focus: Outdoor Spaces

University of Tennessee: University Center Bridge