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An Educational Camera for Everyone

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Wouldn't it be nice?

  • If teachers and administrators could video record lessons for evaluation later?
  • For teachers to know that their privacy is protected?
  • To have eyes and ears in the classroom in the event of an emergency?
  • If cameras could easily integrate into existing ONVIF or IP-based security systems?

It’s time to stop dreaming. The Edu-Cam360 makes all this possible, and more!

Teachers and administrators video record lessons for evaluation

Presenters often use video footage to evaluate their performance. By reviewing their presentations later, they can identify opportunities for improvement they may not have otherwise noticed.

Teachers are presenters and can benefit similarly. Teachers may effectively improve their teaching methods when they observe themselves teaching. The EduCam360 camera is the best way for teachers to record and evaluate their lessons.

Administrators may also use the Edu-Cam360 to perform teacher evaluations. They no longer have to be in the room to perform an evaluation; rather, they can attend to other duties while the camera records the class in progress. They can then review the footage at a time that best fits their schedule.

How much more effective would evaluations be if teachers could see and hear themselves in a self-evaluation or an administrator-led evaluation?

Teachers know their privacy is protected

The EduCam360 protects teacher privacy. The camera has a rolling lens that rolls up into the ceiling when not in use, showing a white back.

If the teacher looks up and sees a black lens, he or she knows the camera is in use.

Educators are much more likely to embrace the use of new technologies like cameras if they know that their privacy is protected and that they are in control of the camera.

Administrators have eyes and ears during classroom emergencies

With the EduCam360, first responders have instant eyes and ears in the classroom should an emergency situation arise. The teacher simply presses a discreet panic button on their microphone to signal the EduCam360 and microphone to begin recording.

First responders (administrators/security/police) then receive an automatic alert with a link to a live video and audio feed from inside the classroom.

When first responders can see and hear what’s happening, they can better respond to a negative situation as it develops, while recording the incident for review later. The EduCam360 supports your school’s mission of providing the best and safest education possible.

Cameras easily integrate into ONVIFTM and IP-based Security

The EduCam360 is ONVIF compliant and can integrate into any IP-based security system. Using an Audio Enhancement teacher microphone or alert button, the camera can initiate an automated PA announcement or lock down during an emergency.

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