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Destratification Saves Energy, Solves HVAC Problems

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The Airus Air Pear Thermal Equalizer, a destratification fan system, offers energy-saving, health and productivity benefits to schools, colleges, athletic facilities and other campus buildings.

Simple to install, Airius fans run quietly with minimal operating costs.

Destratifying, or equalizing, room temperatures from ceiling to floor reduces an HVAC system’s run time for energy saving up to 35 percent of normal costs.

Airius offers an in-ceiling kit for classrooms, teacher lounges or libraries with normal ceiling heights. Airius also has models servicing higher ceilings in atriums, school storage facilities, gymnasiums and indoor swimming facilities.

Airius fans offer many benefits.

  • Typically installed from the highest ceiling point to circulate the hot air found there, Airius fans also can be mounted horizontally to circulate air in or out of windows, improving room comfort.
  • A PHI (photohydroinization) bulb can be added to eliminate molds, odors and bacteria.
  • Fans can remove the layer of chloramines just above a swimming pool’s surface, which often irritates swimmers.
  • Airius’ turbine fans, unlike paddle or other HVLS (high volume, low speed) fans, are installed at the highest ceiling level.
  • Airius fans are freely suspended, allowing movement to deflect a moving object, such as a basketball.
  • Airius fans contribute to a building’s LEED rating points.

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