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New NFRC Video Shows Ease of Achieving Commercial Fenestration Energy Code Compliance

GREENBELT, MD—The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has created a new whiteboard showing how easy it is achieve fenestration energy code compliance.

The whiteboard introduces “Joe,” an animated commercial window manufacturer who uses NFRC’s commercial ratings program overcome the challenge of proving his products meet code.

Intended to serve commercial building architects, building owners, builders, code officials, and others, the video shows the value of NFRC’s program. It also shows the benefits of its label certificate, getting commercial windows certified, and how these label certificates are the way to comply with energy code requirements to avoid default ratings.

“Though NFRC introduced a new commercial window energy rating method (component modeling approach, CMA) in 2009, it is still a new concept in the building and fenestration industries,” said Ray McGowan, NFRC’s Senior Program Manager.

McGowan added that the video, “…allows architects, builders, component manufacturers, code officials, and others who have an interest in commercial fenestration to understand the potential benefits of the CMA process quickly.”

More detailed information on the commercial window certification programs available through NFRC is available at

NFRC has also tailored resources specifically for code officials looking to verify ratings of commercial projects: a website that provides tools for the job and a free monthly webinar that explains its commercial program and how it relates to codes.

The webinar also provides one-hour AIA credit.

Questions on the NFRC commercial programs may be directed to Ray McGowan at 240-821-9510.

About NFRC

NFRC is a non-profit organization that administers a voluntary, uniform rating, labeling, and certification system for the energy performance of windows, doors, curtain walls, skylights, and other fenestration products. Its members include manufacturers, suppliers, utilities, consumer groups, representatives from the building and code industries, scientific and educational organizations, and government agencies.