The following is a company-submitted press release and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Spaces4Learning. Challenges 3D Professionals to Contribute to Designing the Future of Education

3D model marketplace has rolled out a new 3D printing challenge that will center around the growing importance of additive manufacturing technology

Whether or not we believe that 3D printing is on the cusp of mainstream, its transformative impact on a number of sectors, including medical, engineering, digital, creative and many others, is unquestionable. Tomorrow’s engineers, designers and inventors are currently in schools, so equipping them with skills and knowledge about the technology that they’ll meet so many times in their lives is essential if we want to pave the path for future innovation.

“We strongly believe that 3D printing has the capacity to push innovation and help teachers experiment with more interactive class activities. Introducing 3D printers into the classroom is also the only reliable way to expose kids to this cutting-edge technology and prepare them for their future careers,” said Marius Kalytis, founder and CEO of

Designers are invited to create 3D models that would assist kids with learning hard-to-grasp concepts of science, technology, engineering, math, design or other disciplines, as well as help teachers inject excitement and innovation into the process of learning. The challenge sponsors include Cartesio3d, The 3D Printing Store, 3D Buzz, Tinkercad and there are several cash prizes from The challenge closes on March 18, 2015.

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