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Texas Inventor to Donate Breakthrough Food Production System to 250 Schools Across America

Austin, TX - A Texas inventor who recently developed a revolutionary non-electric food production system is now pledging to donate the system to 250 schools across America. Inventor Mike Adams, holder of several pending patents and executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (, has launched a campaign to raise funds for the nationwide donation effort that would put Food Rising grow systems into classrooms across the country (

The Food Rising grow system is a revolutionary, non-electric food production invention that grows food without using any soil or electricity. It is based on principles of "non-circulating hydroponics" which have been taught for many years by Professor Kratky at the University of Hawaii in Hilo. Mike Adams, also known as the "Health Ranger," modernized the concept through automated manufacturing technologies and the designing of 3D-printable components that make the system work.

To help fund the effort, the Boku Superfood company ( has pledged to donate 20% of its proceeds from all online sales for the next seven days. Those funds pay for the hard costs of gifting Food Rising grow systems to schools that request the systems. Instructions for schools to request a donation are posted at

"My goal is to donate these Food Rising grow systems to 250 schools across America, putting them into classrooms where children can learn how easy it is to grow their own healthy, nutritious food," said Adams. "In a world where children are too often raised on junk food, processed food and soda, Food Rising is precisely the kind of project we need to change course for the health of our nation in a positive way."

Beginning in early March, the Food Rising website will feature DIY videos showing the public how anyone can build these systems themselves. Pre-made versions of the grow systems will also be available for sale. Part files for the 3D-printable parts will be freely downloadable from the Food Rising website, allowing anyone to download the parts, share them with others and print them on their own 3D printers.

Those seeking to help support the donation effort may make a tax-deductible contribution to the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (

For more information on the Food Rising grow systems and school donation campaign, visit