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Wright State Testing Student Success Smartphone App

DAYTON, OH – A new smartphone app will help Wright State University students stay on top of coursework, manage their schedule and find and connect to campus resources.

The app, called Guide, is designed to help students succeed academically while providing useful information to help them navigate student life.

Guide is designed to be focused on student success, says Tim Littell, executive director of student success and associate dean of University College.

“We’re trying to use technology so that students have information at their fingertips,” Littell says. “If they can take care of business because of that technology, all the better. If they have to see an adviser, we make it really easy to schedule an appointment through the app.”

Guide can send push notification to students’ phones reminding them of important deadlines, critical tasks and upcoming appointments. Users can set up checklists of vital activities — like take notes, meet with your instructor, attend an integrity workshop — then check them off as tasks are completed. The app also provides information about financial aid and fees, graduation requirements and majors and careers. Guide is available for Android and Apple devices.

“Guide will help you stay on track,” Littell says.

During the fall semester, Wright State will run a pilot study of the app with 1,000 new students in University College, followed by a broader study involving more students during the spring semester. The app will be available to all students next summer.

“Our metrics will be measuring student success and how this helps them stay on task and on track for degree completion,” Littell says.

Jean Paul Soto-Torrado, a second-year student majoring in design and technology who tested the app, said Guide is easy to use and navigate. “Guide highlights what I want and links me automatically, whether it be paying for school, setting up a payment plan, setting up my parking pass,” he says. Soto-Torrado said the app makes it easy to keep track of dates and deadlines, something, he says, that should help new students.

“I like the app, and I can’t wait for further updates,” he says. “Sure wish I had it last year.”

Guide can help an undecided student choose a major. After asking users to pick things they like and subjects they are interested in, the app then provides guidance about major selection.

“For us in University College, it is an important part of assisting undecided and exploring students,” Littell says.

The app can help faculty and advisers stay connected to students. For instance, through the app University College can send users surveys to gauge if they need extra help with a course, and then send them personalized email responses with available resources.

Guide is built off an integrated technology that advisers at Wright State use to track attendance and help students stay on course. The app also pulls student data from Banner and information from the Wright State website.