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Projectors Help Create Dazzling Pregame Show

Epson Pro G Series Projectors

Epson’s Pro G Series Projectors helped Pensacola Christian College create an economical pregame laser light show that rivals some of the best in the country.

Pensacola Christian College (PCC) in Pensacola, FL, wanted to create a light and video pregame show that would rival one at a professional sporting event. However, when Caleb Keener, electronics supervisor at PCC, called a company that produced the pregame show for an NBA team he found out it would cost $100,000 for the production, rental and setup of equipment needed in order to project video onto PCC’s basketball-floor. The same company quoted $650,000 if the college wanted to own the equipment.

Instead, Keener thought the production team could create something themselves. Working with the college’s video production and maintenance staffs, Keener created an amazing video system that cost 1/13th of what the staging company had quoted. Crucial to the system was the use of 12 Epson Pro G Series projectors with their images combining to create a super-sized full-court video with the PCC Sports Center floor as the projection screen. Keener chose the projectors because of their high brightness, high contrast and vertical and horizontal lens shift.

“The hardest part was knowing precisely where the center of each projection lens had to be and positioning them there,” Keener says. But the PCC maintenance staff measured the basketball court’s floor carefully and marked where the corner of each image should fall. They also marked each image’s center point, and used a laser level, shining straight up, to determine where to mount the projectors. “We had to build our own projection mounts because we wanted something heavy enough not to vibrate with the noise of the crowd or people jumping up and down,” Keener explains.

The resulting floor show involved many elements including video, lighting and sound using various AV technologies. You can view the Pensacola floor show on YouTube at or by searching for “Eagle Mania Floor Show 2014 — Pensacola Christian College.”

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