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Flooring's Role in Acoustics

When it comes to improving in-class student learning and teacher instruction, multiple factors must be considered. One important factor that should not be overlooked is acoustics.

A number of studies show there is a direct correlation between acoustics and improved student performance. In fact, research shows products with high Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) and Impact Insulation Classifications (IIC) promote better voice recognition in the classroom. Inappropriate levels of background noise and reverberations can hinder reading and spelling ability, affect behavior and attention and affect concentration and academic performance.

Laboratories typically use two tests to measure the acoustic properties of interior surfaces and finishes: airborne noise reduction and structure-borne noise reduction.

The airborne noise reduction test, ASTM C423-02a, measures a surface’s ability to absorb airborne sounds, which contribute to ambient (background) noise. A floor covering’s measure of effectiveness in absorbing airborne sound is expressed as a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). The greater the NRC, the better that product is at absorbing airborne sounds.

The structure-borne noise reduction test most used for flooring is ASTM E492-09. This test measures the material’s ability to reduce impact sound transmission into the space below. This test is important to perform on flooring materials selected for multilevel school buildings. Flooring products undergoing this test are expressed as a whole number, the Impact Insulation Class (IIC). The higher the rating the greater the sound insulation.

Soft floor covering materials such as carpet or textile composite flooring are excellent solutions for reducing both airborne and structureborne noise. They have the ability to absorb more sound and transmit less sound than other types of surfaces.

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