Publisher's Note

The New Face of Education Coverage

Welcome to Spaces4Learning, the new face of our coverage of the education marketplace. Spaces4Learning offers the latest and greatest information for both the higher education and K–12 markets in a succinct, focused magazine. Combining our separate coverage of these market segments into one print product allows us to ensure that the increasing crossover of technology, security and design between higher ed and K–12 is seen, shared and available to everyone no matter what market you may serve.

In addition to combining our coverage, we have rethought the areas we target to ensure that the information you receive is timely and forward-looking and helps you do your job better. To complement the Spaces4Learning magazine, we have rebranded our vast array of digital products to reflect the new progressive brand. Like the magazine, our digital portfolio includes a portal website ( to learn about the marketplace for both K–12 and higher education. Our series of enewsletters offers deep dives into each of the main categories of K–12 and higher education, as well as key topics such as design and construction. We truly feel we have built a new hub for all things related to the education marketplace and its needs across a varied array of topics.

Please enjoy the magazine, interact with our website and enewsletters and attend our free information webinars. We also want your feedback to ensure what we are doing is meeting your current needs and, of course, what you want to know going forward. Thanks for your support of our magazine and digital products. We look forward to serving you for years to come.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2020 issue of Spaces4Learning.

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