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Indiana High School Installs Solar Farm

Shakamak High School in Jasonville, Ind., recently installed a solar farm that is projected to save the school more than $1 million across the next 12 years, according to local news. The farm was connected to the nearby Duke Energy power grid on Saturday, April 9. Local news also reports that the school, located in Greene County, is the first in the area to explore energy savings through a solar farm project.

Metropolitan School District of Shakamak Superintendent Jeff Gambill said he looks forward to seeing the saved funds diverted into education. “We’re a smaller corporation, so $75,000 a year for a larger corporation may not seem like much, but for us, it means a lot,” he said. “We’re real excited about it, but there’s more benefits to it besides just the savings in our operations fund.”

WTHI reports that the energy savings could go toward supporting new school curricula and potential student career opportunities. For the installation itself, the district partnered with energy service provider Veregy, who provided lessons to students about the logistics and importance of solar power.

“Green energy is going to be a growing field going forward, and I think it provides an opportunity for our students to learn about that and learn about careers in solar energy,” Gambill said.

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