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Orlando High School Installs UV Angel Clean Air Units

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Chancery High School in Orlando, Fla., recently installed a new clean air solution from pathogen control technology company UV Angel. According to a news release, the school installed 59 UV Angel Clean Air units, which use ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to eliminate more than 99.99% of pathogens in high-traffic areas. The units were placed in ceiling light fixtures in areas like entryways, offices, classrooms and classrooms to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens.

“Learning outcomes and student achievement have been dramatically impacted by COVID-19. Given the importance of the in-person environment, we had been proactively looking for a way to safely bring our students and staff back to school,” said Chancery High School Principal Isabel Villanueva. “This installation has been instrumental in providing a setting that enables learning and helps protect both our students and teachers from transmissible viruses like COVID-19.”

The UV Angel Clean Air units work independently of school HVAC systems as a supplementary layer of protection. The units draw air into a sealed UV-C chamber, where UV light kills up to 99.99% of the ambient bacteria, fungi and viruses, the news release reports. The treated air cycles back into the room with little to no staff attention required. The technology can also reduce contamination on surfaces like desks or doorknobs without introducing any additional chemicals into the environment.

“Similar to the importance we place at UV Angel on protecting our healthcare workers and vulnerable patients in hospitals, we believe it is critical to add another layer of protection for our schools,” said Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Angel, in a press release. “It has become more important than ever to pay attention to and address the safety of the air we breathe, especially in spaces that are critical to our communities. The installation at Chancery High School shows that our technology is at-the-ready to facilitate not only a safe return to school, but as a proactive on-going safety measure for our teachers, students, staff, and families.”

Installing the 59 units took just four days, and the installation was handled by GDW Fulfillment, which partners with UV Angel for distribution.

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