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Modine Launches K–12 IAQ Improvement Campaign

HVAC industry solutions provider Modine Manufacturing Company recently announced a new resource to help K–12 facilities managers monitor their school’s IAQ (indoor air quality) needs. The IAQ Action Plan template assists school administrators in discovering and addressing their buildings’ air quality and was developed in response to the White House’s recent Clean Indoor Air in Buildings challenge.

“The COVID-19 pandemic created a challenging atmosphere for schools over the past few years, but it also created much-needed conversations regarding the importance of IAQ inside K–12 facilities,” said Kimberly Raduenz, manager of strategic marketing for Modine’s IAQ division. “COVID isn’t the only airborne pathogen that can negatively affect students and faculty. Flu, cold viruses and even VOCs can be problematic for students or staff with health problems.”

According to a news release, the Clean Indoor Air in Buildings challenge sets a goal of improving IAQ in buildings and reducing the overall risk of airborne pathogens. The challenge fact sheet offers some basic steps to improving your building’s IAQ, including determining your HVAC system’s baseline; assessing ventilation, filtration and air cleaning; implementing IAQ assessment approaches; planning for regular maintenance; and ensuring that your organization’s in-house IAQ staff receive education and training.

“At Modine, our goal is to provide guidance to assist schools in improving their IAQ to ensure students get the best learning experience possible,” said Raduenz. “Students strive when IAQ is at a high level. In light of the White House’s challenge, our IAQ Action Plan template gives facility and maintenance managers across the U.S. a simple tool to improve indoor air quality. From addressing your HVAC system’s baseline to determining if you need to alter airflow, this free template can be the catalyst for enhancing air quality and providing students with a safe learning environment.”

More information about Modine’s Airedale action plan template is available at Modine is also sponsoring a special Spaces4Learning webinar on Thursday, August 25, on the topic of “How Facility Maintenance Has Evolved: What It Means for Schools.” Learn more and register for the free event here.

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