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Brightline Debuts Fluorescent-to-LED Conversion Kit

Video lighting systems solutions provider Brightline recently announced the debut of a retrofit package that lets users upgrade Brightline S1.2 or S1.4 fluorescent studio fixtures to LED fixtures. The conversion kit allows users to make the switch for only a quarter of the full fixture cost, according to a news release, and can help educational institutions save money on electricity costs moving forward.

The conversion process takes “just minutes,” according to the press release, and the company also provides a “How To” video that guides customers through the installation process. Brightline also offers a disposal program for the outdated fixtures, as well as a $75 refund for each unit.

“Brightline’s LED upgrade solution helps fulfill our core principle of providing the best economic and technical solutions to our partners, with minimal impact on the growing energy demands of our global environment,” said Kathy Katz, Brightline Co-Founder. “Upgrading to LED brings with it a full spectrum of benefits including reduced energy consumption, extended lifetime, lower operations and maintenance costs, and enhanced aesthetics. Brightline is proud to offer this kit which enables our video lighting partners to easily make the move to LED.”

The kit comes with “a new fixture back, front cartridge, diffusion, mounting bracket, and all necessary screws. The user merely needs to supply a Phillips screwdriver and wire cutters,” according to the press release. The new LED fixture offers improved performance, richer color saturation and standard DMX dimming controls. The new fixture is also compatible with existing accessories like mounting yokes, power cables and control screens.

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