Schools In Focus: Beyond the Bare Minimum

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In this episode of Schools in Focus, we’ll be talking about indoor air quality in schools. Our guests are Mike Wolf, Director of Regulatory Business Development, and Tyler Mancl, Principal Application Engineer, both with Greenheck. We’ll talk about how schools can ensure the air in their building is safe and how to verify the performance of their HVAC systems. We’ll cover the main aspects of indoor air quality—ventilation, humidification, and filtration—as well as how to make sure air is properly distributed in facilities. We’ll talk about how both existing schools and newly-built facilities can improve air quality while keeping operational costs down. And finally, we’ll discuss a $500-million grant program from the U.S. Department of Energy that helps schools pay for energy upgrade products. This episode is sponsored by Greenheck.

Schools In Focus, Episode 29: Beyond the Bare Minimum


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