Garland Company Wins Contract from Equalis Group

Roofing and building envelope solutions provider The Garland Company recently announced that it has been awarded a contract from The Cooperative Council of Governments (CCOG), an Equalis Group Lead Agency, according to a news release. Garland was awarded the publicly procured, competitively solicited contract, which is available for all Equalis members in Ohio.

“We are excited to join forces with Equalis Group to support their mission providing time savings, budget efficiencies and legal compliance to their members in our home state of Ohio,” said Alexis Turner, Director of Contracts for Garland. “The advantages leveraging the offerings from Garland/DBS as opposed to a traditional solicitation are significant and measurable, and we are able to provide a site-specific pricing process to ensure an Equalis member gets the most competitive labor pricing on every job.”

The news release reports that Equalis Group provides cooperative agreements for local, state and federal agencies including government agencies and educational institutions. These agreements help match up public institutions with the services they need; provide the institutions with better prices via the collective purchasing ability of Equalis Group Members; and saves institutions time on conducting their own search and solicitation process.

Beyond Garland’s building envelope products and solutions, the Equalis contract also includes services like inspections, design, engineering services and leak control.

“A building’s roofing and exterior, beyond keeping the interior watertight and extending the life of the building, can improve energy consumption and help with indoor air quality,” said David Akers, EVP with Equalis Group. “With all this in mind, Equalis Group is happy to connect our Ohio members with Garland, who can deliver these benefits with quality products and service.”

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