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OptiMA, Inc. Partners with Newline Interactive for Interactive Display Boards

Visual communication solutions provider OptiMA, Inc. recently announced a partnership with Newline Interactive to provide Newline’s interactive display boards through OptiMA’s online store,, according to a news release.

“We invested a lot of time researching the most versatile, user-friendly and dependable interactive display board before we decided to partner with Newline Interactive,” said Philip Antonelli, Director of Marketing & Sales with OptiMA. “No other interactive display board manufacturer even comes close to matching Newline products’ ease of use, ability to integrate with all different types of software, and customer support.”

Two lines of Newline display boards will be available through the online store. The Q Series, manufactured for educational settings, offers a user-friendly interface and can integrate and connect with any platform, according to the news release. The Z Series, made for corporate settings, features a more streamlined look.

Both lines feature 4K resolution, Bluetooth, 20W built-in speakers, and USB-C connectivity. The boards also use non-proprietary software to allow the use of any app, platform or operating system. They also feature multi-touch displays and an antimicrobial surface.

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