Case Study

University of Virginia Partners with BenchPro on Studio Space

The University of Virginia School of Architecture (UVA) is providing students with a new and improved design education environment which includes a 24,000 square foot renovation project as well as model making spaces.

Campbell Hall offers two full floors of studio space and fabrication spaces. Model making facilities are available throughout the building as well as renovated classrooms. This inspiring environment is where future architects and designers experiment and create with the use of specialized equipment.

Anselmo Canfora, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Academics at UVA, enlisted BenchPro’s help with the manufacturing of workstations. The company, Canfora and Iñaki Alday (Chair of the Architecture Department at the time) worked together to design and equip a series of highly purposeful studio spaces that would support architectural design education.

“Campbell Hall is a significant example of modern architecture on this historic campus. Built in 1970, it has served the School of Architecture very well,” explains Canfora. “Following an aggressive schedule, the redesign of the design studios and supporting spaces focused on improving the working environments of the A-School to promote well-being, creativity, and collaboration.”

The UVA project was completed the winter of 2019 through a university-wide effort that involved a variety of groups. It now provides a series of exceptional learning environments for students, staff, and faculty of the School of Architecture to work together.  The state-of-the-art facilities support 21st century architectural education and research, supporting students while they flourish through thoughtful experimentation.

“It was an honor to manufacture the 450 lab benches for the University of Virginia School of Architecture, in collaboration with Anselmo Canfora and the university,” says Xano Wang, co-owner of BenchPro. “We are proud to help bring new life to this space – we know how the look and function of a lab can power the creative process.”