Grants Announce Launch of 2024 Youth Garden Grant

National nonprofit organization recently announced the launch of the 2024 Youth Garden Grant, which will provide grants to 50 local youth garden programs, according to a news release. The purpose of the grant is to create opportunities for youth to learn, grow, and play through gardening. The organization will begin accepting applications on Nov. 6.

The Youth Garden Grant program was founded to help fledgling and existing youth gardens gain traction and expand offerings within their community. Sponsors and donors support the grant in order to provide educators with the means to enhance the lives of both children and their larger communities.

“American Meadows knows gardening holds the power to enrich our lives, nurturing personal well-being while fostering a broader positive impact on the environment, radiating across communities,” said Ethan Platt, CEO of American Meadows. “We take immense pride in our continued collaboration with KidsGardening, ensuring that every child can dig in and make a positive difference through the magic of meadowscaping.”

The 2023 Youth Garden Grant was awarded to 50 programs and affected nearly 15,000 youth across 28 U.S. states and territories, according to the news release. This year marks the 42nd iteration of the award. Sponsors and donors will receive recognition via email (60k) and social media (25k).

“We know gardening is a vehicle to make a difference in children’s lives, and KidsGardening is passionate about what they do,” said Paula Douer, President of Crescent Garden. “We love collaborating with their team and know that our support is making a difference.”

Learn more about the program and the donation process at the KidsGardening website.

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